5 Issues You Might Face If You Let Your Car Idle

Part of driving is idling. Whether you’re sitting at a red light or stuck in traffic, your car is running, but it isn’t moving. Even though idling can be unavoidable, it can also be harmful. Here are five issues you may face if you let your car idle:

First, you can reduce your car’s performance abilities. When a car idles for a long period of time, additional stress is applied to the vehicle’s gaskets, spark plugs, and other components. This causes your vehicle’s parts to wear down faster, leading to premature repairs.

Second, idling for extended periods of time strains your car’s battery. Your battery charges when it is driven, not when it idles. If your car is on, but it’s not moving, the battery doesn’t get a chance to recharge. This can cause your battery to wear down faster than it should.

Even though modern vehicles are greener than ever before, they still emit harmful emissions when they’re on. Turning off your car, rather than idling, reduces the number of harmful emissions your vehicle produces.

Efficient driving can save you trips to the gas station. Similarly, avoiding idling can help you save fuel. Idling uses gas, even though you’re not moving, so turn your car off when you’re parked to save money on gas.

In addition to wasting gas, you’re also wasting oil when you idle. If you find your check oil light turning on more and more often, you may want to reduce how often you idle.

Reducing how often you idle can help you maintain the quality of your car. If you’re stopping at the store to grab a quick bite to eat or you’re parking your car to retrieve a curbside pickup order, turn off your car instead of idling. Additionally, take your car to American European Auto Repair for repairs and maintenance. We can help you extend the lifespan of your vehicle. To schedule your service, call (941) 925-8863 today!