5 Items on Your Mercedes You Should Never Attempt to Fix Yourself

We’re a society that loves to place emphasis on the benefits of DIY. While decorating your home and garden might be great projects to do yourself, car repair is not. While a flat tire or a routine oil change can be done from the comfort of your own garage, some tasks require the skills of a trained professional. If you own a Mercedes-Benz, you’re already familiar with top rated quality and precision engineering. If you want to keep it running in pristine condition, routine maintenance is required. Should a problem occur, you might feel the need to take care of the problem yourself. This isn’t always a good idea. With that, here are 5 items on your Mercedes-Benz that you should trust to a professional. 

Mercedes-Benz Steering Wheel


Aside from the engine, the transmission is the most complex piece of machinery in your car. Allowing the gears to shift, and providing you with the power to accelerate and decelerate at will. You should never attempt any form of maintenance by yourself. Even changing the transmission fluid requires a professional touch. If you notice your check engine light blinking, a small leak underneath your car, or you have problems shifting into gear, take it to a professional at once. 


So, you’ve got a crack, how about that? While there are several DIY kits out there to help you restore structural integrity to your windshield, it’s best not leaving anything to chance. A small crack can spread quickly and before you know it, the entire windshield needs to be replaced. If you notice the slightest chip, bring your car in immediately. 

Sound System

Today’s modern vehicles have more on-board computers than ever before. Attempting to do anything slightly related to your car’s electrical components isn’t something you can tackle over a single weekend. If you’re ready to upgrade that stereo, or you’re wanting to install an 8-Track player, trust a professional. 

Fuel Pump 

A Mercedes can’t run without gasoline, and the fuel pump is responsible for getting this essential component to your engine. The prospect of replacing a fuel pump on your own might seem beyond your ability. And it is. Replacing one requires precision and delicacy. Which is why leaving it to the professionals is your best option. 

Engine Diagnostics 

“Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away” This is true for just about everything in life, and your Mercedes is no exception. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rattle, a screech, or a check engine light, don’t think that it’s a small problem that can work itself out. Bring it to the shop and have someone who knows how to diagnose these types of issues apply their expertise. 

Whether your Mercedes needs routine maintenance, a performance upgrade, or even a restoration—trust the professionals. American European Auto Repair is Sarasota’s best option for all of your needs. Don’t leave anything to chance; trust your Mercedes’ best interests to us. You can find us located at 2321 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, and you can contact us by filling out the form below!