Automotive Services

German Automotive Service and Repair, Diagnostic and High-Performance Experts at Sarasota, FL

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Air Cooling Services

Air-cooled engines are a natural fit with the sleek body designs of most Porsche models as they help optimize your car’s acceleration and performance.


Auto Air Conditioning

The expert mechanics at American European have provided superior maintenance and repair work for drivers throughout Sarasota and the surrounding cities for years.


Brake Service

Air-cooled engines are a natural fit with the sleek body designs of most Porsche models as they help optimize your car’s acceleration and performance.

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Check Engine Light

You wouldn’t drive your car knowing it has a flat tire or is running low on oil yet every year drivers all across the country continue their daily routines with the check engine light shining bright.

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Engine Rebuilds 

Classic European car restorations and engine rebuilding is a passion of ours and we know that you want the most reliable engine in your car while maintaining the authenticity and performance you expect from a race-proven brand like Porsche.

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Engine Repair

American European Auto Repair operates a service center full of trained technicians who can work on all aspects of your engine. Our experienced crew is more than capable of servicing ANY make or model vehicle. 

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Factory Recommended Services 

These high performance vehicles require precise service and top-notch quality and our mechanics’ understand what it takes to maximize your car’s performance both on the open roads and on tracks.


Oil Change

Driving on old engine oil is a common occurrence for most drivers but the impacts it has on your car can have long-lasting effects even after you do finally get it changed

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IMS Bearing Solution & Upgrade

Our trained mechanics have decades of experience working with Porsche vehicles and have seen countless cases of faulty IMS bearings and know all of the signs to look for..


Suspension Upgrades & Service

Our certified and experienced mechanics will always work to find a solution to any performance issue along with following your vehicle’s optimum maintenance schedule.


Transmission Service

We at American European, provide you a one-stop solution for all the repair and servicing needs of your German or Exotic European vehicle.


Window Tinting

Professional window tinting installation now at American European Auto Repair.  Let our experienced and highly-trained staff install window tint for your vehicle.

Expert Restoration

At American European our team of European experts have decades of experience working with European cars and restoring the most popular makes and models from manufacturers including:

Our state-of-the-art facility features the latest tools, equipment, and materials needed for any restoration project you may be starting.

Complete, In-House Projects

We pride ourselves in our ability to handle any restoration project in-house; minimizing additional costs and helping you finish your project without completely breaking your budget. With experience and extensive vehicle knowledge, we handle all types of restorations such as:

  • Body damage restoration/renovations
  • Brake system repairs
  • Engine repairs/overhauling
  • Fresh paint/touch-ups
  • Interior repairs and installations
  • Much more!

Instead of risking long-term issues like engine seizing schedule an annual oil change service with our expertly trained technicians. At American European we take care of properly disposing of all old oil as well saving you extra fees and an added hassle.