Reasons Behind Coolant Leaks in BMW 3 Series

Reasons Behind Coolant Leaks in BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series has been around for more than 40 years. Over these 40 years, the BMW 3 Series has gone through changes, enhancements, and refinements to make the models as impeccable as you see them today. Each model in the BMW 3 Series has a distinct look that sets it apart from all the rest in its class. The BMW 3 Series has become the world’s most popular sports sedan due to how sleek it looks and how it continue to sets performance standards all across the board.

In addition to how the BMW 3 Series stands out due to its looks, it also stands out because of the way it performs. All of the models in the BMW 3 Series are nearly perfect when it comes to a 50/50 weight distribution, which means that it is advanced in the way the suspension and steering work together.

Even with all these things that set the BMW 3 Series models apart from the competition, they are still bound to have mechanical issues just like every other car. One of those issues that you will sometimes see is coolant leaks. The coolant is the fluid that keeps you and your car cool. A mixture of coolant and water is circulated through all of the pipes in the engine and it keeps the engine from getting too hot. This is a very important fluid for your BMW 3 Series and without it, serious problems could arise. Below are a couple of reasons why you may have a coolant leak in your BMW 3 Series.

Hole in the Radiator

One reason why there may be a coolant leak in your BMW 3 Series is that the radiator has a hole in it. The water and coolant mixture flow through the engine and also the radiator, where the liquid that has been heated by the engine is cooled down again. If there is a hole in the radiator then the coolant will not make it properly through all the parts it needs to cool. Once it gets to the radiator, the coolant will leak through the hole. A hole may end up in your radiator because of corrosion that happens over time. A hole may also show up in the radiator because of damage that can happen while driving, such as rocks hitting it, as the radiator is in the very front of the car.

Bad Head Gasket

Coolant can also be leaking internally if the head gasket is bad. The head gasket is the part that prevents the coolant from going onto the parts that it is not supposed to. The head gasket can fail for many reasons, with one being that it was damaged when the car overheated. It is also good to note here that coolant leaking could have potentially caused the car to overheat in the first place. When the head gasket is failing or has completely failed, coolant will go on into the crankcase or into a cylinder. The coolant will then mix with the oil that is circulating through the engine and and cause significant damage. Once the coolant reaches a cylinder then it can come in contact with a spark plug, which will then cause white smoke to come from the exhaust.

Stop That Coolant Leak

So you have noticed that your BMW 3 Series is leaking coolant. This leak could have come from a faulty head gasket or a damaged radiator. Either way, your BMW 3 Series is lacking the coolant it needs in order to run properly and efficiently. In order to figure out exactly what is causing the coolant to leak, bring your BMW 3 Series to American European Auto Repair.

American European Auto Repair is easily accessible from the areas of Sarasota, FL. Once on location, one of our trained technicians will take a look under the hood and under your car to determine exactly where the coolant is leaking from. Once the proper issue has been diagnosed, our mechanics will use OEM parts to ensure that your BMW 3 Series always has the best parts. We will fix the coolant leak quickly and smoothly so you can be in and out, all while providing you with excellent customer service and affordable prices.