The Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Vehicle Tinted

Most people don’t think about their windows when they think about car maintenance. Their first thought jumps to the tires or shocks or cam belt. Well, what if you started looking after your windows now? How, you might ask? Window tint or film isn’t only about style and looking cool when driving around; it also protects your windows from damage and you from harm.

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Why it’s Important to Have Your Car Serviced at an Exotic Auto Repair Shop

Do you have an exotic car in need of repair or routine maintenance? American European Auto Repair is Sarasota’s trusted source for exotic car repair, and we specialize in German and other European vehicles, including Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and many more. We know you have a lot of options when choosing an auto repair shop, but if you want your exotic car running at optimum performance, then you will want to take it to a repair shop that specializes in exotic vehicles. And here are the reasons why:

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Recognizing and Preventing Chassis Flex Disc Failure in Mercedes

Recognizing and Preventing Chassis Flex Disc Failure in Mercedes Driving a Mercedes-Benz has an enticing allure to it rivaled by very few others. From the sleek, luxurious design to the meticulous performance and power it exerts on the road, Mercedes-Benz irresistibility should come as no surprise. Despite being one of the most reliable brands in … Read more

Effects of a Loose Fuel Cap in Audis

Effects of a Loose Fuel Cap in Audis In today’s market of electric, hybrid, and even self-driving cars, it is hard to believe that your driving experience could be thrown off by something as simple as a loose fuel cap. However, a fuel cap that is not affixed correctly can cause both your car and … Read more