Engine Repair

Anybody who’s had to suffer through engine trouble knows how frustrating it is until a mechanic fixes the problem. That’s why American European Auto Repair operates a service center full of trained technicians who can work on all aspects of your engine. 

We specialize in exotic German and European brands like Audi and Porsche, but our experienced crew is more than capable of servicing ANY make or model vehicle. 

Watch Out For These Engine Calamities 

You might encounter these kinds of engine difficulties, prompting you to seek the help of a knowledgeable repair technician: 

  • The Car Won’t Start 
  • The Spark Plugs Are Worn 
  • The Radiator Is Clogged 
  • The Engine Is Overheating 
  • The Radiator Is Leaking Coolant 
  • You Hear Lots of Noise 
  • The Timing Chain Is Misaligned 
  • . . . and many other difficulties. 

Whenever these problems occur, do not hesitate to give American European Auto Repair a call. These engine troubles are not trivial and require immediate attention. 

Sarasota Engine Repair

What We Do For Our Friends in Sarasota 

Fortunately, we’re ready to help you with: 

  • Engine Rebuilds/Replacements 
  • All electrical, air, and fuel issues 
  • Engine Upgrades 
  • Tune-Ups 
  • Realignments 
  • . . . and a whole lot more! 

So, if you think your engine is acting faulty, don’t take any chances. Visit us at Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota and let us figure it out for you. You won’t regret taking the time to get your luxury vehicle running optimally again. 

American European Auto Repair knows how much money and care you put into a top-level Ferrari, Benz, Lamborghini, or another exotic car. It would be a shame not to maintain it with the most excellent repair service available. If you need service work on your car’s engine or any other components, call us right away at 941-925-8863. 

Expert Restoration

At American European our team of European experts have decades of experience working with European cars and restoring the most popular makes and models from manufacturers including:

Our state-of-the-art facility features the latest tools, equipment, and materials needed for any restoration project you may be starting.

Complete, In-House Projects

We pride ourselves in our ability to handle any restoration project in-house; minimizing additional costs and helping you finish your project without completely breaking your budget. With experience and extensive vehicle knowledge, we handle all types of restorations such as:

  • Body damage restoration/renovations
  • Brake system repairs
  • Engine repairs/overhauling
  • Fresh paint/touch-ups
  • Interior repairs and installations
  • Much more!

Instead of risking long-term issues like engine seizing schedule an annual oil change service with our expertly trained technicians. At American European we take care of properly disposing of all old oil as well saving you extra fees and an added hassle.