IMS Bearing Replacement & Air Cooled Services

IMS Bearing Replacement | Maintaining Your Porsche And More

It takes dedication and experience to make sure that your Porsche retains its high quality performance for years. The mechanics at American European in Sarasota gives drivers an opportunity to get all of their service and maintenance needs in one service center. While dealerships often charge ridiculous amounts for basic services and other big name brand mechanics offer 1-2 specialties, American European takes pride in having the tools and equipment to help you no matter what the problem is. Call us today for IMS Bearing Replacement in Sarasota, FL.

Air Cooled Services

Air-cooled engines are a natural fit with the sleek body designs of most Porsche models as they help optimize your car’s acceleration and performance. Often found in the trunk of these cars an air-cooled engine will make your car lighter and faster. These engines require a different set of services to properly maintain them and at American European our mechanics have the experience it takes to make sure your engine gets the right services. Instead of offering the same service to each vehicle we see, our friendly staff will devise a custom service plan with you that fit your Porsche’s needs.


In addition to routine service appointments we also provide drivers with the following Porsche services:


IMS Bearing Issues

IMS Bearing Replacement: The IMS bearing transmits power from the crankshaft to the camshaft in your engine. There are numerous things that can cause bearing failure including oil contamination, wear and tear on the ball bearings, or issues with timing in the cam and crankshaft.


Custom Build

If you want to modify your Porsche with after-market parts and materials or you want to upgrade your vehicle to higher performance racing specifications then American European is the place to go. Our trained mechanics have the experience and equipment needed to get the job done right the first time, helping you to get the most out of your new mods.



Has your Porsche seen better days? Whether it was an accident or you fell behind on service appointments our technicians will help restore your Porsche with everything from fresh paint to cosmetic and interior repairs.



"I’m always concerned when I bring one of my exotics in for service but this place was amazing. Mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and new owners are redoing the whole shop. I brought in my Range Rover, Ferrari and Porsche. Couldn’t be happier and prices blew away the dealership."

Marshall S.
Sarasota, FL