Is the Alternator Seal on Your Porsche Leaking? Let’s Find Out.

Owning a Porsche is a very special privilege that not everyone gets to achieve. If you drive one, then you’re already familiar with the cutting-edge engineering, high octane performance, and unshakable power that comes from the German-based manufacturer. However, great power comes with great responsibilities. Keeping your vehicle running well with routine maintenance is of the utmost importance because as with any investment, you need to take extra special care to ensure its longevity. 

2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S

Today, we’ll be examining a very specific problem that you might have faced at one time. The oil in your engine keeps your engine performing at its maximum potential. Your alternator charges the battery and makes sure your car keeps moving. But what happens if your alternators’ seal begins to leak oil? And more importantly, what are some important warning signs to keep your eye out for? Let’s find out. 

Symptoms to Keep an Eye Out For 

There are a few sure-fire indicators that your alternator seal is leaking oil. 

  • Oil Leak One of the main purposes of your alternator’s seal is to prevent oil from seeping into the alternator itself. Should the seal be compromised in any way, oil can leak into the alternator and cause notable damage. Aside from the long list of problems this causes, an oil leak is the most noticeable. If you notice puddles of oil accumulating beneath your Porsche, it’s usually a sure indication. 
  • Dead Battery Because the purpose of an alternator is to transfer energy to your car’s battery, a dead battery can usually be an indication of a dead alternator. If an alternator’s seal breaks, oil can seep in and render your alternator useless. 
  • Electrical Failure Aside from providing power to your car’s battery, the alternator also supplies power to many of the electrical systems in your Porsche. Once it stops working, various electrical components will start to fail. 
  • Overheated Engine The Boxer engine in your Porsche is a collection of machines working in unison. As you probably learned in science class, this causes friction, n friction generates large quantities of heat. The oil in your car keeps these moving parts lubricated and allows them to work without overheating. An oil leak due to a faulty alternator seal can quickly make your car overheat. Porsche’s are fine-tuned machines, and such damage can be costly. 

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