Porsche IMS Bearing Service

You rely on your Porsche for exceptional performance that outclasses other luxury vehicles. For decades drivers have turned to Porsche for superior performance, comfort and safety features but all of those features and amenities can be drastically impacted by a damaged or failing IMS bearing in your car. At American European our Porsche specialists have helped drivers throughout Sarasota and the surrounding areas repair and replace any faulty IMS bearings and help you diagnose the problem before it’s too late.

What Is an IMS Bearing?

If you own a later model Porsche then there’s a good chance you’ve heard IMS. An IMS bearing is a supporting bearing of the Porsche’s intermediate shaft, which drives the camshafts off the crankshaft. Our trained mechanics have decades of experience working with Porsche vehicles and have seen countless cases of faulty IMS bearings and know all of the signs to look for. If your Porsche is beginning to experience these common warning signs then it may be time to call American European:

  • Metallic debris in the oil filter during an oil change
  • An oil leak near the rear of the engine
  • Unusual knocking and metallic sounds coming from the motor
2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S


At American European our shop features all of the latest tools and equipment needed to accurately diagnose an issue with the bearing or the intermediate shaft system itself. From there our certified and experienced mechanics will repair your Porsche with manufacturer-grade replacement parts and materials to ensure your car stays 100% original and up to the high standards of performance you count on.

Instead of putting extra wear and tear on your car or dealing with unusual and annoying sounds and problems call the experts at American European today. Located in Sarasota and servicing the surrounding areas our friendly staff is here to assist you with any and all of your Porsche needs.



"I’m always concerned when I bring one of my exotics in for service but this place was amazing. Mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and new owners are redoing the whole shop. I brought in my Range Rover, Ferrari and Porsche. Couldn’t be happier and prices blew away the dealership."

Marshall S.
Sarasota, FL