Safety Features Every Mercedes Has

Safety Features Every Mercedes Has

When looking for a new car, people often review common safety features, and while gas mileage is important, I think we can all agree that safety is a bigger priority for most individuals. For some vehicles, the safety features that the brand offers drivers often assist luxury. Mercedes-Benz is known for their advancements in engineering, design, and technology that make their vehicles safer and more efficient than many other vehicles on the road today. Over the past decade, a great amount of work has been put into current Mercedes designs, and they have come a long way in terms of safety features. Beyond simple airbags, technologically driven safety features are becoming the gold standard in vehicle design. Crash tests in the 50s paved the way for more safety features to become integrated into vehicle design. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1970s that antilock-braking systems became a selling point for vehicles on the market. We have come a long way since then. Mercedes-Benz is associated with luxury and fine taste; however, it has also become synonymous with safety. Here are some of the safety features that you can find in every current Mercedes model.

Distronic Plus with Pre-Safe Brake

Mercedes is known for their most recent developments in technologically assisted safety features. Distronic Plus with Pre-Safe Brake is a feature that is responsible for detecting potential accidents or impacts. By preemptively scanning the road for other cars, it enables pre-safe braking by engaging the brakes, slowing down the car, and reducing severity of, or all together preventing, a damaging impact. Furthermore, this technology can also tighten seatbelts and adjust the head restraints in order to maximize security and support. It can even access your windows to close them before a collision. Rear-end collisions are some of the most commonly dangerous types of collisions—they often result in severe injuries or death. With this safety feature, Mercedes vehicles can help drivers avoid rear-ending a car that is stopped in front of them.

Attention Assist

The attention assist feature in Mercedes cars is responsible for measuring different aspects of the drivers, most common driving habits and behaviors after only a few minutes of driving so that it can implement a series of alerts and signals to the driver when it senses that the driver is not coherent enough to be driving. if the driver varies from their normal, routine driving habits, the vehicle can detect such changes. If the driver is incapacitated or unable to effectively drive safely, it can pick up on these indications that the driver may be too tired to be on the road. It then warns or signals the driver through an audible alert system, telling the driver to pull over or rest for a moment before continuing. This technology was inspired by accidents caused by drivers who are not in the best condition to be behind a wheel, and does more than a rumble strip could to wake a sleeping driver or make a tired driver more alert.

Active Lane Change Assist

The most recent development in Mercedes-Benz safety technology, active lane change assist works with radar and camera technologies to help avoid accidents while changing lanes. We have all been in the middle of changing lanes only to realize that there is a car in our blind spot, causing us to swerve back into our lane to avoid an accident. This feature helps minimize the risks of blind spots, and is especially helpful for detecting motorcycles that are splitting lanes or weaving through traffic potentially unseen.

Our Mercedes Knowledge

At American European Auto Repair, we are highly educated and trained to work with Mercedes vehicles of all models. The various safety features that accompany these luxury cars run off of a complex system of technology and mechanical parts that not all automotive specialists are knowledgeable about or skilled at working with. Our technicians have been serving the areas near Sarasota, FL, for years, and our wide range of clientele has provided us with the experience that qualifies us to work with any kind of Mercedes vehicle as well as other European imports. We value honesty and integrity above all else, and safety concerns are of the utmost priority and importance to us. Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic procedure or consultation—we would be thrilled to earn your trust.

* Mercedes-Benz GLC Hybrid image credit goes to: y_carfan.