Suspension Upgrades & Service

Your luxury automobile is a beautiful sight to behold and it undoubtedly demands total attention in terms of care. It is crucial that all of its systems are operating as they should, including having a suspension system that works like a charm. American European Auto Repair supplies information below about your vehicle’s suspension and the reasons why a top-of-the-line system is beneficial to your vehicle.

Taking good care of your exotic automobile's suspension is imperative in order to ensure optimal driving experiences. The suspension system of a car is constructed in a way to foster the smoothest ride possible; therefore, a superior suspension will enhance comfort for everyone on board as well as diminish annoying sounds while navigating over bumps on the road. A quality suspension that is maintained properly also serves to alleviate stress on other mechanisms and ultimately contributes to the vehicle’s longevity.

Suspension systems for luxury European autos are formulated to create an ideal balance of comfort, safety, and driving performance on a wide spectrum of road surfaces and under various circumstances. By maintaining your vehicle’s suspension system as recommended, you will retain adequate integrity


all-around. Shocks and struts are the elements in the suspension system that absorb bumps and thrusts by expanding and compressing depending upon road conditions. Regular maintenance is vital since factors such as cold temperatures, stopping frequently in traffic, and potholes all take their tolls on the suspension.

If you notice problems with your vehicle including pulling to one side, a bumpy ride, or making strange noises, bring your auto to a reputable company as soon as possible as a professional technician can conduct a thorough inspection of the suspension. The axles, bearings, bushings, struts, and power steering parts are responsible for making sure that your automobile offers a solid ride and also decreases quivering. The entire system should be meticulously studied for any defects, unstable components, or misalignment issues by an expert as all of these modules act together to keep your vehicle sturdy and reduce unwanted vibrations. Any concerns we find during the examination will be discussed with you and we will inform you about viable options.

American European Auto Repair is renowned for its ability to perform suspension upgrades on exotic automobiles with precision. Our technicians are second to none when it comes to providing all scheduled maintenance and repair services for luxury vehicles. We are located at 2321 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida, and may be reached by calling (941) 925-8863.