The Difference Between Horsepower and Torque: A Crash Course in European Automotive Performance

European cars are synonymous with luxury and performance. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche—these are names that carry with them power and prestige and require little to no introduction. To the average motorist, owning a fine-tuned European automobile is the ultimate symbol of status and social standing. While they certainly look magnificent, it’s important to take care of and understand what’s under the hood to maintain your vehicle’s longevity

BMW Engine

A characteristic often associated with high performance is horsepower. But what is this feature that exists as a selling point for so many fine-tuned engines? Simply put, horsepower is the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels of a car. A smaller automobile will be propelled quickly if its equipped with a high horsepower engine. While larger vehicles also possess a considerable amount of horsepower, they won’t accelerate at the same speed because there is more weight to move. It’s a simple matter of physics, and one that doesn’t require a knowledge of rocket science to comprehend. 

The yin to horsepower’s yang is what’s known as torque. Torque is best described as the buzzing of an alarm clock in the morning. It allows you to get your day started, with horsepower being the pot of coffee on the stove—that necessary element that allows you to continue your day at a reliable pace. Torque measures the amount of work your vehicle can undertake. A high amount of torque is ideal for faster speed and towing cargo, while a low amount is better suited for fuel efficiency. 

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