The Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Vehicle Tinted

Most people don’t think about their windows when they think about car maintenance. Their first thought jumps to the tires or shocks or cam belt. Well, what if you started looking after your windows now? How, you might ask? Window tint or film isn’t only about style and looking cool when driving around; it also protects your windows from damage and you from harm.

Window Tint from American European Auto Repair in Sarasota

Your windows are super important. You should consider caring for them properly because it can help save your life. Here are the top five benefits of having your vehicle windows tinted.

  • Reduces fading – Window tints block out harmful rays from the sun and prevent your car seats from fading. Leather, upholstery, and vinyl are all susceptible to fading. You want your car to last once you buy it because cars are expensive. You won’t get the full value of your vehicle back when you sell it, but you can get a higher price if you care for it properly. 
  • Blocks UV rays – Professional window tints block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun. It will protect your car and any passengers. UV rays speed up aging and cause cancer, so it’s a good idea to tint your windows for extra protection.
  • Stops solar heat – Tinted windows also block out solar heat, keeping your car cooler in the summer months. You won’t feel like you’re melting or struggle to find that perfect temperature when making adjustments.
  • Prevents shattered glass – If an accident happens, your windows won’t shatter into a thousand pieces. Tints and films improve the durability of your window, making it more difficult to break. Some tints are bulletproof and have anti-smash-and-grab properties.
  • Privacy and Security – Window tints protect your identity when you’re driving around town. It’s especially true now that everyone has dashcams and other recording devices installed in their vehicles. People can’t see in, but you can see out, giving you a greater advantage to detect and avoid danger.

Increase the longevity and resale value of your car. Protect your loved ones’ identities and keep them away from harmful UV rays. Reduce the overall heat of your vehicle when it’s been standing in the sun all day. These are the top five benefits of having your vehicle tinted. Are you convinced?

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