These Signs Mean You Probably Need New Brake Pads

Taking our vehicles in to get work done doesn’t always cross our minds until something needs to be repaired.  However, it is vital to take preventative measures and have routine maintenance work by knowledgeable professionals to keep your car, truck, or van running safely and efficiently.  While we all know we need regular oil changes and tire rotations, brake pads often get forgotten about.  These are a necessity in ensuring you can stop quickly and easily, so we’re here to help you understand the signs your car may be giving you to let you know it’s time for an update!

Brake Repair Sarasota

A tell-tale sign that your pads are wearing out is the amount of time it takes for you to brake becomes longer and longer.  This happens more quickly if you often press your brakes without coming to a complete stop.  This is often a necessity when driving, especially if you’re in a hilly area with steep inclines.  Pay attention to the amount of time it takes to reach a full stop and set up a maintenance appointment if you feel like it’s taking longer than it used to!

Odd noises like squealing or clicking are also indicators of worn-down brake pads.  A lot of vehicles today actually come with brake pads equipped with metal tabs that scrape against your rotor when the pads need to be swapped out.  If you reach this point, take your car in as quickly as possible to avoid eroding your brake pads completely.  A clicking or rattling sound will be emitted when the pads get thin and the device holding them starts to loosen.  Again, avoid driving for a long period of time once you hear that sound!  

Another warning sign your car may give you is a vibration when you press on the brakes.  This happens when the binding resin that holds the brake pads together heats up and spreads across your rotor.  The resin should be uniformly distributed, but the warmth causes it to spread around as your brake pads wear down.

Finally, the front of your car may pull more to one side when you try to stop.  Brake pads don’t wear out at exactly the same time so as one thinks more than the other it can cause your vehicle to veer more to the right or left.  Brake pads are not the only thing that can result in veering but should still be checked if it happens!  Replace both brake pads at the same time to avoid future swerving.

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