Tint Bubbles: What You Should Know

Tinted windows on a car are one of the most stylish choices for those who have a keen eye for aesthetics. The right shade of tint on the right car can elevate its style by a considerable amount. If you live in an area of the world such as Florida, then the tint is sometimes necessary to protect your vehicle’s interior from the sun’s UV rays which can cause cosmetic damage. However, the appearance of bubbles on a tinted window can turn any car into an eyesore. We’re here to break down some vital information to help you avoid this situation.

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The Cause of Tint Bubbles 

The first step to any problem is identifying and treating the underlying cause accordingly. There are three main causes of tint bubbles, and telling each one apart is very important.

Water Bubbles 

Also known as “blistering,” water bubbles are very common to appear after your windows are tinted. These usually disappear with time. You can tell the difference between water bubbles and air/soap bubbles because of the residue that the soap bubbles tend to leave behind. 

Air/Soap Bubbles 

These will get smaller and less noticeable but never go away completely unless you have your windows re-tinted. These usually occur when the installer of the original tint didn’t properly clean and prep the window prior to installation. 

Dirt/Contamination Bubbles 

These bubbles also never go away. They get bigger over time. There’s only one solution if these begin to appear on your window—get it retinted as soon as you can. 

Removal of Window Tint Bubbles 

If you’re only dealing with air bubbles, you can treat them on your own. Following these simple steps can save you the time and patience of having to get your window re-tinted. 

  • Prep the window tint film so it’s easy to manipulate. If you don’t feel like warming your tint up by leaving your car in the warm Florida sun, use a hair dryer or heat gun on the surface of the tint. 
  • Once the window has been heated, lightly apply water via a spray bottle to the window. The trick is to apply mist but not drench the window. 
  • Using a pin, gently poke a hole in each bubble. Exercise caution and take your time; you don’t want to rip through the tint it damages your window.
  • Reheat the tint very lightly and smooth over the bubbles with a credit card or ruler.

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