Tips to Handle the Blocked Plenum Chamber in Your Bentley

Tips to Handle the Blocked Plenum Chamber in Your Bentley

Driving a Bentley is something many individuals don’t get to experience, so it’s important to value your Bentley and cherish it while you have it. Bentley’s are expected to uphold standards of performance, luxury, and comfort, which is why it can be especially concerning when it begins to show signs of performance issues. There are certain problems that typically affect Bentley vehicles more so than others, including drainage issues related to the plenum chamber.

Plenum Chamber Function

The plenum chamber in your Bentley is often an overlooked aspect in routine vehicle maintenance tasks; however, it’s important to understand its function because issues related to the plenum chamber are common in Bentley vehicles. The plenum chamber resembles a funnel or drain that consists of different tubes and valves. Its main purpose is to keep built-up moisture and water from causing rust or corrosion to the important internal parts of the car by properly draining it out of the proximity of the engine. As you can imagine, when this part isn’t functioning properly, it can lead to performance problems and extensive repair work.

Blockages are Common

The main issue that typically occurs in Bentley plenum chambers is blockages due to debris buildup. It is also common for the other components of the plenum chamber, such as the tubing and valves, to become damaged or corroded, which prevents the part from performing its designated function—drainage. In order to avoid these common problems in your Bentley, it helps to follow these specific tips:

Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping the plenum chamber free of debris requires frequent cleaning. The chamber itself can become clogged or blocked by leaves, sticks, dirt, and other foreign objects that can impede proper drainage. By routinely cleaning out the plenum chamber, you can avoid clogs and blockages.

Ongoing Inspections

Frequent overall inspections of your engine can help your trusted Bentley technician locate signs of trouble sooner rather than later, optimizing your chances of catching a problem before it spirals out of control. When your engine can’t properly drain, it becomes highly susceptible to damages associated with excess moisture, such as rust and corrosion.

Proactively Prepare for Seasonal Changes

As the seasons shift from summer to fall, it is common for Bentley drivers to report heightened problems with plenum chamber functionality. During these months of the year, leaves and debris fall from trees into the plenum chamber, clogging it and causing drainage problems. In anticipating the fall months, you can find another place to park your car that’s not under a shedding tree, and schedule frequent inspections and maintenance procedures to keep the chamber clean and free of dirt and debris.

Hiring a Bentley Specialist

If you drive a Bentley, it is critical that you hire a Bentley specialist to handle your automotive needs, including maintenance, repair, and cleaning of the plenum chamber components. Handling a blocked plenum chamber might seem simple to the average automotive shop; however, in Bentley’s it’s especially important to ensure the quality of the vehicle by utilizing the right parts and techniques.

What We Can Do to Help You

The Bentley experts here at American European Auto Repair have serviced countless Bentley vehicles from the areas of Sarasota, FL. We have a passion for luxury imports like Bentleys, and our quality of service always matches the brand’s standards. As North San Diego County’s leading European auto repair facility, we offer the same expertise, skill, quality of service, and knowledge to our clients as nearby Bentley dealerships, but at a fraction of the cost. If you are noticing drainage issues in your Bentley and would like to have your Bentley’s plenum chamber inspected, please call us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our shop’s qualifications.

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