Understanding Those Flashing Dashboard Lights

It can ruin a day just like that, whether you’re driving in perfect weather or on a rainy day, seeing that random light flash on the dashboard can create terror in the mind. It’s even worse when you have no idea just what that light means. But that’s okay because for all the pages in the car manual that you’ve read, you’re bound to miss that all important description for the light flashing on your dashboard in the moment. You’re in luck because today we’re going to go over the important lights that you should know and look out for. 

Check Engine Light 

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is one of the most important lights on your dashboard that you should get yourself familiar with because the engine is the essential heart of your vehicle. If that light comes on, that means something is wrong and if left unchecked, that could spell you some serious trouble and repair bills. If this light is on, that means something may be wrong with the ignition, fuel, or emissions system. It usually looks like an engine and if it stays on steady instead of flashing, that means that the problem isn’t likely to go away. 

Brake Light

The brake light can be easy to remember. It looks usually looks like an exclamation point within in a circle. If this light flashes in your dash board then you should have your ABS checked asap. The light could mean that the fluid is low, it needs a pad change or there is a flaw in the braking system.

Oil Pressure Light

The oil light resembles an oil can, and if this light pops on then that could lead to engine damage if left untreated. When the oil pressure light comes on that means that there may be an oil leak, bad pump, or that the system isn’t regulating gas properly. Either way, it needs to be checked to prevent serious damage.

Temperature Light

The temperature light is another one that you should not avoid. This light means that your vehicle is overheating and that’s an immediate sign to pull over and check things out. Possible reasons for this can range from radiator issues, the cooling system, a hose that burst, it’s better to take the car to a professional and get it diagnosed. 

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