Why Does the Fuel Tank Shield Rust in Land Rover

The Land Rover is a powerhouse of a vehicle and has been for over 70 years. When anyone thinks of a Land Rover, chances are they think about performance above all. The Land Rover was built to last through any type of terrain. The makers intended for the Land Rover to be able to be used on the smooth roads of the city and to also be used on the rough countryside.

Ultimately, the Land Rover was built for an adventure. When you purchase a Land Rover, you want to ensure that it will live up to the performance expectations that you have. One of the main reasons you purchased your Land Rover is to have many off road adventures with it. Being able to take your Land Rover out through the hills and forests or across creeks is exhilarating and is an activity that you don’t want anything to interrupt. One issue that may prevent this is if the fuel tank shield rusts. Below, we explain the fuel tank shield so you know what to look for in case your fuel tank shield rusts.

Why Does the Fuel Tank Shield Rust in Land Rover

The fuel tank shield is also known as the fuel tank skid plate and it is a piece of sheet metal that surrounds the fuel tank of your Land Rover. It is in place to prevent any rocks or other road debris from hitting the fuel tank. When you are driving off road, the fuel tank shield is more important than ever. The fuel tank shield will take all of the impact of the anything that may come flying at the fuel tank, which is often rocks kicked up by the tires.

Even though the fuel tank shield is just a piece of metal, it plays an very important part in keeping your Land Rover functioning correctly and keeping you safe as well. If your Land Rover did not have a fuel tank shield, then it would be more susceptible for leaking coming from the fuel tank because of all the potential rocks and other types of debris that could be flying up at it.

What Causes the Fuel Tank Shield to Rust?

If you are using your Land Rover to its full potential, then it is possible that the fuel tank shield will rust. As you are take your Land Rover out on many off-roading adventures, you are exposing it to many different environments, such as muddy trails or creeks. Each of these, and more, will end up affecting the fuel tank shield.

For example, you have just returned from driving down some muddy backroads and you now can see that you have mud all over the underside and the side of your Land Rover. If you do not have this properly washed off in the near future, then the mud underneath will dry and cake on. However, mud does not dry as fast as just some water would, meaning the moisture has more time to affect the metal. The rusting process can also be hurried along with the addition of a very hot day.

The same could also happen when you have driven through water. When you are driving your Land Rover off road, it is difficult to control the amount of water that is going to get into the underside of your vehicle. Once the water does and it finds a good place to pool, say for example inside the fuel tank shield, then it will eventually being to rust the fuel tank shield. Again, this rusting process will be sped up by heat because once heated, the properties in the water become more active.

If the Fuel Tank Shield is Rusted…

When you have noticed that the fuel tank shield is beginning to rust or has rusted completely, they you know it is time to take your Land Rover in for servicing. American European Auto Repair is located near the areas of Sarasota, FL, and we will provide you and your Land Rover with the best care possible.

Our certified technicians know that Land Rovers may require more maintenance and repair due to the fact they they are frequently driven off road. Once you bring in your Land Rover, one of our highly trained technicians will take a look at the fuel tank shield. The technician will be able to quickly identify if there is a rust issue on the fuel tank shield. If it does, we’ll take care of the problem quickly so you and your Land Rover can get back to your adventures!

* Land Rover Discovery 4 on Road image credit goes to: teddyleung.