Window Tinting Benefits You May Have Not Known

Window tint for your car is a lot more than mere aesthetic value. While it always looks fun to drive around in a more stealth, heavy-tinted ride, there are other perks as well. We’ll show you the hidden benefits of window tinting, which we proudly offer at American European Auto Repair.

Eliminate the Dangerous Sun Glare

Anybody who’s driven around Sarasota in early or evening hours knows how rough it can be on the eyes. That refracted sunlight makes it almost impossible to see even with sunglasses. Our tinting services can reduce the visible light transmittance (VLT) as much as 99%. This will make it so much easier and safer to drive without squinting.

Car Window Tint in Sarasota

Better Safety & Security

It’s nice to have dark tinted windows to add some privacy and security to your vehicle. Then, nobody can see what you have sitting in your seats when they walk past. Did you know it can also decrease the chances of the glass shattering and hitting you if it breaks? The glass will cling to the tinting film whenever there’s a fracture. This also means you reduce the risk of glass lacerations during an accident.

Protect Interior Components

Leather seats and electronic gadgets don’t always fare well against the summer sun. A faded interior means your car is losing resale value. It’s really no different from paint fading on your home’s siding. Window tinting allows you to avoid the problem of sun discoloration for your seats and everything else in your vehicle.

Protect Your Skin

Your windshield magnifies the sun’s rays, increasing your chance of melanoma and other skin cancers. So, it’s a hidden health benefit to safeguard your skin with tinted windows.

Cool Your Car Substantially

If your windshield magnifies sunlight, it makes things much hotter. That’s why your car thermometer reads 110 degrees on those excruciating summer days. You can avoid this problem and not need to run the AC as hard if you block the heat with tinting film.

So, now you know that window tinting has many hidden benefits that go beyond simply having darker windows. It’s a great way to save yourself from the harshest summer rays in Sarasota.

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