Window Tinting

American European Auto Repair does the best window tinting for luxury brands anywhere in the Sarasota area. We know you spend significant money to make sure your premium vehicle runs well and looks great. Let us protect your Ferrari, Audi, Lamborghini, and more with some spectacular window tinting.

Style, Glare Reduction, UV Protection, & More!

There are several reasons why getting your windows tinted will bolster the value of your vehicle. 

  • Appearance & Style – you have to admit the metal-alloy look is nothing short of awesome. We can do it that way or with traditional tinting as well. 
  • UV Protection – you should tint your car windows to reduce your chance of skin damage, and to protect your interior from fading. 
  • Privacy – nobody can see you with tinted windows. 
  • Reduce the Glare – tired of being blinded by the afternoon son even with sunglasses? Get your windows tinted with us and the problem is gone. 
  • Cool Your Car – it’s not enough to make it look. Here’s your chance to limit that problem of the sun baking your car through the glass during those hot summer months. 
Window Tinting in Sarasota

There are a ton of ways to do window tinting to get you the style you want. We promise that no matter which tint option you choose, we will make sure it’s durable, capable of blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, knocking out the glare, and installing it will professional technicians who know what they’re doing.

American European Auto Repair in Sarasota can make your luxury car look like mint condition, the way it did fresh from the showroom when you bought it. We can handle any model, so if you’re interested in enhancing your ride with tinted windows, give us a call at 941-925-8863.